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Kirov region is one of the largest in the Non–Chernozem zone of Russia, located in the north-east of the European part of the country.

Areas with preferential treatment

Industrial parks

The creation of industrial parks is one of the priority directions of support of subjects of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship, carrying out activities in the sphere of manufacturing industries.

Industrial parks are in demand by entrepreneurs because land plots equipped with the necessary infrastructure are provided for conducting business. In addition, residents of industrial parks are provided with a number of tax benefits. All the above-mentioned allows to shorten the terms and refuce the risks of implementing investment projects.

As of today, there are two industrial parks operating in the Kirov Region

Industrial park "Slobodino".

Industrial park "Vyatskie Polyany".

Advanced development territory (ADT)

An advanced development territory (ADT) is a territory with a special legal regime for entrepreneurial activity established in order to create favorable conditions for attracting investments and ensuring accelerated socio-economic development.

On the territory of the Kirov Region two ADTs have been created and are functioning within the boundaries of the urban district Vyatskiye Polyany and Belokholunitskiy urban settlement of Belokholunitskiy district.

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